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Origin: Chicago

Genre: Singer/Songwriter | Blues

Years Active: 2012 - Present

Label: Independent Artist

Official Websites:

With a sound heavily rooted in blues and soul with glimpses of pop and classic rock throughout, Sashé Taylor demonstrates a range that can easily find her entertaining anywhere from an intimate jazz lounge in the French Quarter with her smooth and provocative 'I'll Learn to be a Lady' to a late night honkey tonk in Nashville with her boisterous and energetic 'Hoot & Holler'.


Taylor's latest Album Gypsy Queen draws from many different genres and influences for an eclectic and worldly sound anchored by her vibrant, powerful and raspy voice. With a catalogue of songs ranging from raw blues tunes to high production pop-rock songs, her unique sound has a loyal following with a continued intrigue from new fans near and far.


Comfortable on a variety of stages, whether it's acting in Dee Snider’s Rock ’n’ Roll Christmas Musical, being in Commercials, or headlining a 15 city concert tour through China, Taylor is a well rounded, unique talent that's certainly on the rise.

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